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With a new department dedicated to servicing our export customers, Cargopak is building upon years of success in supplying internationally. While we remain focused on our European customers, our additional resources have allowed us to expand the scope of our activities. This has included Magnum Containers supplied to Turkey, Roll Containers supplied to UAE and Garment Rails to Australia.

Our UK, European and Chinese production facilities ideally position Cargopak to supply materials handling equipment worldwide. In an increasingly global market, the efficiency and flexibility provided by our international production capabilities means that we can supply the required equipment, on time and at a competitive price wherever your business operates.

If you require further information or assistance on our export activities in Europe, The Middle East, South America and Africa or for general export enquiries, please contact our UK Headquarters.

Cargopak also operate representative offices in the USA, Australia and China who will be happy to discuss your requirements. Please follow the links opposite for further information on our export activities in these countries.