Product Review - Nesting A Frame

22 Aug 2019

Nesting A Frame Roll Container.

Nesting A Frame Roll Container     Nesting A Frame Roll Container Folded

The nesting A-Frame roll container is one of our best-selling products with the design of the cage allowing the walls and base to be folded in so the trolley can nest with other cages of the same design. This saves space on storage or when transporting them to different sites.

Key features of the cage include:

  • Tube frame construction
  • Mesh Infills
  • Integral Folding Shelf (optional)
  • 4 Castors (2 fixed, 2 swivel)
  • 600kg maximum load capacity
  • Easy nesting to save space
  • Size – 850x710x1690mm
 Nesting A Frame Roll Container-nested    Nesting A Frame Roll Container-shelf    Nesting A Frame Roll Container-hand    Nesting A Frame Roll Container-Sign


The cages can be configured in different ways depending on the requirements of your business.

The most popular configurations are:

  • 3 sidewalls
  • 3 sides and a front gate
  • Full Security including lid (shown in images)

The full security option is a fully enclosed cage with a lid that closes on the top to add extra security and prevent products from falling out of the cage during transport. These cages are popular in the supermarket and retail sectors but can also be used in the food industry and postal sector.


Rent or Purchase?

We are able to provide the nesting A-Frame roll containers to either rent or purchase depending on the needs of your business.

Benefits of Purchase:

  • You own the cages to do with as you please
  • You have the cages available to use when needed
  • You only pay a one-off cost which has been agreed 

Benefits of Rental:

  • You don't have to pay out a bulk amount
  • Only rent the number of cages you need
  • Flexibility during peak business times
  • Return the cages your busy period is over to reduce costs

 Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

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